Bahada Tug*

1902 – November 21st, 1926 | 86 feet in length | 240 fsw

*sunken tug we believe to be the bahada

On 11/21/1926 while towing logs from Anacortes to Bellingham the 'Bahada' disappeared during the night on the north side of Huckleberry and Saddlebag Islands. The location of this sinking was known by finding the logs floating above the tug in its' 247' watery grave. What happened? It was announced by many at the time a massive boiler explosion took it down. Some alluded to the fact pieces of the wheelhouse, deck house and other material found floating as the evidence for the 'explosion theory' while others disagreed.Was it a collision, a squall that came up after it left, if it had a steer engine did it fail or did it get in 'irons?'


Raw video footage courtesy of Jared Jensen from exploration dive #2 on September, 24th, 2017